Frequently Asked Questions

I have a pain condition. Can therapeutic massage help me?

Yes! Many of my clients are affected by a range of chronic and acute pain conditions, from rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia to car accident injuries and more. Even the repetitive, sedentary postures of everyday life—such as sitting at a desk for long hours each day—can create stress, tension and pain in the body. I approach every client individually and build our sessions around your specific body and needs. Therapeutic massage is truly for everyone, regardless of age or health condition. Learn more about how massage works here.

I have never experienced a massage session before. What should I expect?

My goals for each session are to resolve issues that can be resolved and improve more permanent issues, while leaving my clients feeling better than when they initially came in. Each treatment begins with checking in, discussing what you have been experiencing in your body and determining what treatment might work best for that particular session. I incorporate deep tissue and myofascial release techniques, focusing on restriction patterns that often contribute to areas of dysfunction and pain. Slow, gentle, deep strokes encourage your nervous system to feel at ease, allowing places of tension to release. I work hard to stay within a reasonably comfortable tolerance, allowing your body time to respond and change, rather than putting you through agony trying to force a release. I find this approach promotes greater lasting changes for my clients. Of course, I always encourage open communication during the session to let me know how you are feeling, and can always adjust accordingly.

I have been to massage “spas” in the past. Is this different?

My goal with therapeutic massage is to go beyond relaxation to truly work at easing sources of tension and discomfort in the body. While many clients do find our sessions very relaxing, my focus is more on working the particular deep tissues and surrounding fascia that are restricting natural body movement, rather than providing a full-body “rub”. In this way, the session may seem a bit different to you than a “spa massage”. Both types of massage have their own merits.

What is the etiquette for undressing for a session?

Clients are encouraged to undress to their own level of comfort. Most sessions can be done with underclothes left on, and in some cases, even loose clothing. Your comfort and privacy is paramount.

How long is the typical session?

This often depends on a couple of different factors. For many clients working through multiple problem areas, 90 minutes will allow us an appropriate amount of time to address each area without being rushed. This is ideal especially when working with particularly chronic issues, as it can take some time for these areas to release. For clients who are seeing me for “routine maintenance”, or focusing on one particular region, 60 minutes will often suffice. That said, everyone’s body is different. Some clients prefer longer sessions, while others might only have time for a shorter one. Contact me and we can discuss what is right for you.

How often should I come after my first session?

This really depends on our goals for treatment and the type of issue we are addressing. Typically, when working with especially chronic and painful issues or acute injuries, I recommend seeing you once a week for the first few sessions, then scaling back as things improve. Because every body is different, some may require a shorter interval between sessions, others a little longer. We will discuss your goals during each session and determine a treatment plan that works for you and your needs.