How It Works

how massages work and thrive therapeutic massage
Massage Therapists are skilled practitioners that can help relieve muscle tension that leads to painful movement. By addressing the soft tissues in the body you relieve tension on the joints and the bones allowing the body greater freedom of movement.

A lifetime of use and sometimes abuse of our bodies compounds over the course of our lives, and being creatures of habit, we develop patterns within our bodies that can become imbalanced. These imbalances create strain on our muscles, joints and bones and, over time, our bodies begin to protest. This, combined with injuries, illness and long-term degeneration, can often lead to chronic pain conditions.

Massage is an excellent tool for reducing pain throughout the body. Just as chronic pain can be a multi-system condition, so too can massage be a multi-system approach to treatment. Combined with regular exercise, a healthy diet, chiropractic care and other wellness practices, natural therapeutic massage can significantly improve quality of life and even reduce reliance on various pain medications.